Why women’s history is important

From working with women for the past 24 years we are aware of the necessity of including history in our work and in acknowledging the role played by women who came before us and who made this path, this foundation for us to build upon. Without them we would not now be able to do what we do. When we acknowledge this we uncover historical confidence and use it in the present. We believe that when we look back and take pride in the work of ordinary women with whom we can identify, we unlock power in the present as we learn from their successes and failures. The exclusion of women’s input, whether written out or never recorded, and valuing the contribution of men as more important contributes to the disempowerment of women in the present. We address this in a number of ways:

  1. The Pink Plaque Campaign aims to increase the number of Waterford City Civic Trust Blue Plaques dedicated to women and acknowledge their contribution to our City
  2. The ongoing development of Women in History Photographic Exhibition recording Waterford women’s stories including present day women. Exhibited annually for International Women’s Day. 
  3. The use of history in our community education programmes as a tool for building confidence and empowering women. See The Bonnet Project on Community Education page.